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Quarry and Plant Maintenance

Dawn provides regular or one-off maintenance services for all industrial applications, including plant maintenance and quarry maintenance.

Plant Maintenance

Dawn provides plant maintenance which implements methods, strategies, and practices to keep industrial factories and plants running efficiently. Our services can include anything from:

  • Regular checks of equipment to ensure functionality
  • Onsite or mobile welding
  • The cleaning of garbage and bathroom facilities

Services Available for Any Industry

The methods to maintain each individual facility often vary. We will tailor a plan to your individual business particulars, undertaking activities and providing services such as:

  • Scheduling times for equipment checkups and services
  • Troubleshooting plant or equipment issues
  • General cleanup
  • Organising engineers to oversee the smooth running of equipment
  • Ensuring assembly lines are correctly maintained to avoid financial damage

Speak to one of our professional and experienced staff today to find out more about how Dawn can assist with your plant maintenance needs.

Quarry Maintenance

We can provide regular or one-off options for quarry maintenance in Melbourne. Dawn provides solutions for implementing methods, strategies and practices to ensure quarries are run effectively and efficiently without interruption to workers or business operation.

Quarries must be properly inspected and maintained to ensure the health and safety of all workers onsite. Dawn’s servicing plans can include:

  • Regular servicing of machines, equipment and vehicles
  • Providing edge protection and securing excavations.
  • Onsite or mobile welding

24 Hour Emergency Service

Dawn provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency call out service for quarry and plant maintenance, as well as brick, concrete, chemical, heavy machinery and other issues within Victoria.


If you need assistance or repairs to your industrial machinery, we have the staff to provide aid and repair your equipment. Dawn specialises in larger equipment, hydraulic repairs, design installation and pneumatic system repairs for all plant and quarry maintenance issues and industrial applications.

Plant Machinery

On Site Welding

Custom Designed Conveyor

Hydraulics and Pneumatics