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Conveyor Systems

Dawn manufactures conveyor systems for Melbourne businesses including plants, quarries, bricklaying companies and more.

We Provide Safe Transportation

Our state-of-the-art conveyor systems aid Melbourne businesses in the safe transportation of heavy objects, powdered substances, bricks, chemical compounds and any other goods needing safe transportation from one destination to another.

Belt or Screw Conveyors

The belt or screw conveyor is one of the most common pieces of equipment used on a daily basis throughout the world. Many industries – including transport, industrial and agricultural – use belt equipment to move bulk material in a hassle-free manner.

Highly developed seals confine the products conveyed within the trough along with dust, fumes or gases. Materials can similarly be protected from contamination and the elements.

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Vertical Transportation

Screw or belt conveying, unlike other methods, is not limited to the transportation of materials on a horizontal plane. Dawn provides standard designs with auxiliary equipment for operating on inclines or for the vertical elevation of materials.

Vibration Free

Comparatively compact, screw options do not require a return run, are virtually vibration free and relatively quiet in operation. Multiple inlet and discharge points are easily incorporated into these conveyor systems.

Continuous Operation

Screw equipment is capable of continuous operation, usually requiring very minimal maintenance, and is considered to be relatively inexpensive, making it a very cost effective processing operation.

Slat Conveyor

Slat chain equipment is a purpose built chain conveyor which uses many types of interconnecting (sometimes interleaving) segments to form a slat type chain conveyor.

Slats can be Polymer, steel or stainless steel construction in either low friction or friction grip styles. Our systems are often used in high speed and sometimes high wear applications, handling everything from packets, cartons and trays to bottles and cans. They are also used extensively in food manufacturing applications.

Experienced Staff

Our staff have been providing conveyor systems to Melbourne businesses for over 25 years. We have the passion and the knowledge to provide you with solutions for any need. Contact us today to find out how our products can be of assistance to your business.

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